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Blessings of the Earth

We export Nanatsuboshi rice produced in Hokkaido to China, and it is overwhelmingly popular in China. Hokkaido rice is popular not only in China, but also in Europe, the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


It was named in the hope that it would shine like the Big Dipper in Hokkaido, where the stars are beautiful. "This rice is well-balanced in the seven elements of taste, whiteness, luster, stickiness, aroma, softness, and mouthfeel.
Hokkaido rice is a staple food, and we want people to eat it with peace of mind. Hokkaido agriculture leads to "peace of mind" for the people who eat it. In Hokkaido, the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides is kept to a minimum in rice farming. As a producer of safe and reliable rice, Hokkaido has become an "advanced rice-growing region" that is attracting attention from other prefectures.




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